Welcome to Karanga Health,

It is important to work with each person as an individual and to explore their health from different angles: biochemical, energetic, emotional and structural.

We use a variety of standard tests and some that are more unusual. We test hair and saliva and we use kinesiology.

In all cases we aim to give informed consent with respect to our tests and treatments.


How Karanga Health Centre Was Named

At the time the health centre was almost ready to open, Tessa was suddenly rendered immobile by muscle spasm in her lower back. Attempts to change this failed until a Maori healer came to visit and used her special powers.

The Story of Little Ms Estrogen and Her Big Sister Progesterone

The Story of Little Ms Estrogen and Her Big Sister Ms Progesterone 

Ms Estrogen is childlike in her exuberance for making things happen. She has little awareness of the effect of her actions. She is happy just to be doing something – anything.

Treatment of Hypothyroidism

The Treatment of Hypothyroidism (Low thyroid Function) at Karanga Health Centre

People who have low levels of thyroid hormones experience quite a long list of symptoms because the thyroid hormones direct all the chemical reactions in the body (the metabolism).


Where do we start…                      


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