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It is important to work with each person as an individual and to explore their health from different angles: biochemical, energetic, emotional and structural.

We use a variety of standard tests and some that are more unusual. We test hair and saliva and we use kinesiology.

In all cases we aim to give informed consent with respect to our tests and treatments.


Treatment of Estrogen & Progesterone Deficiencies in Postmenopausal Women


HRT has been found to increase the risk of breast cancer and some other unwanted problems. Bio-identical Hormone Supplementation (BHS) does not do this and the following 2 articles from medical journals present the evidence for this.


Thyroid Diagnosis and Monitoring at Karanga Health Centre

When assessing your thyroid activity and monitoring your treatment to decide if you are taking the right dose of thyroid hormone we look at

1. your symptoms (things you feel and notice eg level of energy)

Testosterone Deficiency in Women

The Safe use of Bio-identical Testosterone Supplementation

Roles of Testosterone in women

Diet to improve hormone function

The optimal diet for healthy endocrine function approximates the Paleolithic diet

Healthy proteins & fats are the necessary building blocks of hormones



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