Dr Tiina Voolmann

Role at Karanga: 

Greetings!  I am Tiina Voolmann and while I contemplate retirement I am enjoying assisting Dr Tessa by assessing her new patients on their first visit to the Clinic.

  I studied medicine in Auckland after qualifying as a laboratory technologist, specialising in microbiology.  After graduation I enjoyed a number of rural locums and then worked in hospitals in pathology and microbiology.  I moved to Australia, carrying on work in microbiology.  But, I love change and moved a lot which resulted in a very varied and wonderful life.  In Australia I worked mainly in small hospitals in the outback and rural towns/cities all over the country from Darwin to Launceston, east coast to Kununura.  Although I have not worked in SA and ACT, I did undertake study in both locations.  A lot of pleasure and experience was gained working with HIV/AIDS in northern Thailand as an Australian volunteer for a few years and then in Mongolia for 3 years in HIV/AIDS prevention work with the UN.  My more recent work has been in aged care for 5 years and 3 years in acute mental health.

  NZ has always called me with a need to often touch base to refresh my soul.  Hence, I am back permanently contemplating retirement.  I am fortunate to be working with Tessa and her lovely and supportive staff.  Although I have always endeavoured to do holistic work, this experience takes on a whole new meaning.  Tessa practices true evidence based holistic medicine.  Her great knowledge and wonderful experience in this field of very specialised general practice has taught me much and also enabled me to improve my own health under her care.