Bio-Identical Hormone Supplementation

Hormones are made in the endocrine glands and travel in the blood. They carry instructions to keep us healthy. Without instructions, or rather, commands, our biochemistry lazes about and degenerates. Staying alive and functioning is an active process. The hormones are the bosses that drive us in the direction of health.

Hormones can be in short supply for several reasons :-


As we age our glands shrivel. This is called atrophy. The older glands therefore make fewer hormones. Cells are left without commands and cease to perform their functions. This process proceeds at different rates in different people.

Nutritional factors - vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

The hormones are made by chemical reactions, which are driven by enzymes (proteins, made from amino acids under instruction from the genes). The enzymes are supported by cofactors (vitamins and minerals).

Toxic factors

Mercury from fish and amalgam fillings is one toxin known to attach to enzymes. The enzymes find it hard to do their job properly lugging mercury around.


Disease causing organisms like viruses and bacteria can settle in the glands. In the process of trying to protect us from the invading organisms the gland becomes a battlefield. This leads to inflammation and impaired function.

Emotional Stress

From our experience with NET, it appears that the glands are an easy target for emotions that sabotage health.

Hormones can be made outside the human body as exact copies of our human hormones. When we use these bio-identical hormones as supplements we find that our bodies are able to respond to them as though we had made them ourselves. This is because they are exactly the same molecules.

Pharmaceutical companies have manufactured hormones which are different from the ones our bodies make. When fake hormones are used (as in HRT) problems can occur which do not happen when we use the same ones our bodies make. These bio-identical hormones are made from yams using enzymes like our bodies do. Some people think they will get the hormones if they eat the yams or rub yam cream into their skin, but this is impossible because the enzymes used on the yams are different from the ones our bodies use, and because we don’t have those enzymes we are unable to make hormones directly from the yams. Nevertheless, we can take these natural hormones (identical to our own) in supplement form. We need hormonal instruction to get things going so this is a useful tool in returning to health.

Natural hormones can also be used during times of emotional crisis such as menopause, or when the hormones are unbalanced such as with premenstrual symptoms, endometriosis, infertility etc.

Some people choose to take natural hormones as they age with a view to having a healthier old age. This was the original philosophy with the use of HRT. Unfortunately nature was not adequately copied in the design of HRT, which used hormonal preparations that caused problems by their differences.