We have been using this treatment at Karanga since June 2004 when Tessa found out about it at a conference of the Australasian Integrative Medical Association.
The conference was addressed by a doctor who had been using it extensively in his practice for one year, some patients who had benefited from it, and the developer of the technique. They presented the theory behind it, some case studies, and their experiences.
It was developed by an Australian metaphysicist to provide the body with electrons. At the atomic level, our deficiency is electrons.
Free radicals are molecules that are short of an electron in their outer orbits. This makes them highly charged and extremely reactive. They react with the molecule next to them taking an electron from it. This molecule in turn becomes a free radical and reacts with its neighbour. In this way there is a chain reaction, and the number of free radicals around at any one time is referred to as the level of oxidative stress. Your level of oxidative stres correlates to your potential for disease. Oxidative stress is caused by infection, trauma, toxins and emotional stress.
Cancer forms when there is damage by free radicals to the genes, or DNA, in your cells. Heart attacks follow free radical damage to the arteries. All diseases are thought to progress via free radical damage. Thus it is important to keep their levels as low as possible.
Antioxidants like vitamin C are molecules that are able to donate an electron without becoming a free radical themselves. Thus they can lower the level of oxidative stress.
The electroregenesis machines administer electrons directly to the tissues via moist sponge wraps applied to the skin - usually around the feet. This bypasses the digestive tract. The electrons pass into the watery tissues of the body and travel throughout, neutralizing the free radicals.
Electroregenesis can concentrate electrons in certain areas according to where the wraps are applied. An injured knee, for example, will heal more quickly when the wraps are applied below and above the knee.
At Karanga we have three large machines and several small ones which people can wear. They can be purchased or hired.

Further information about electroregenesis can be viewed at www.electroregenesis.com.au