Far Infrared Sauna

We started working with far infrared saunas over 10 years ago and wish to report that we have found them very useful.

One of our patients, a dear old lady in her late 80s, a valiant survivor of Hitler’s concentration camps, who struggled with heart, kidney and liver failure as she aged, used to get her family to bring her to Karanga for a sauna right up until a month before she died. She made sure that having a sauna was part of her regular routine and was one of the few things she left the house for in the middle of Wellington’s worst winter weather. She found it helped her breathing, her ability to get around and her energy.

We are finding it useful for anybody whose chronic health issues, relate to toxicity. This means most people.

Saunas are a gentle way of detoxification because the toxins go straight out from the lymphatic system through the skin. Therefore the liver and kidneys are not stressed as they are with chelation therapies. It makes it very safe for detoxification.

We have a 3 person cedar sauna at Karanga made of clear cut red cedar which is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. We have also set up a system so that people can hire a portable sauna for use at home. It consists of a pad that unfolds to lie down on, plus a rigid tunnel both of which contain far infrared panels. The tunnel is in two pieces that telescope and is pulled up towards the neck. Your head stays out and can have a cold towel over it. Often people decide to purchase their sauna at the end of the initial 3 months hire period. In this case, the money spent on hiring is contributed to the cost of purchase.