Medicines from Karanga

Some of the prescription medicines we use at Karanga Health Centre are not approved by the Health Department for subsidised funding.

We use subsidised medicines when appropriate and after discussion with you. We supply you with a prescription to obtain the medicine from a pharmacy

The unsubsidised prescription medicines (eg some hormonal treatments) may be from a compounding pharmacy or imported from overseas. We dispense them from our office after one of our doctors has prescribed them. 

Repeat prescriptions of these medicines are available via the nurses (for the pharmacy ones) and via the office (for the unsubsidised ones). We are able to courier these to you or you can pick them up yourself. 

We keep records of all medicines that are supplied to you and sometimes will ask you to have further testing and/or see the doctor before supplying a repeat of the medicine. 

Some of the medicines we use are not prescription medicines but are neutriceuticals, herbs or homeopathic remedies. These are not approved for subsidy by the government.