Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Emotions are physical parts of our bodies. They can become involved in subconscious pathways that affect our health.

The physical part of your brain that is under conscious control is actually quite small. Much more is under subconscious control, eg. the immune system, digestion, circulation, detoxification, elimination, hormones. These functions can be impaired by subconscious emotional interference.

How can this be? When we are young events can be painful and confusing. These traumatic events can be recorded in our memory circuits whether we remember them or not. Later in life their presence may contribute to a health problem if similar circumstances to the original traumatic event reoccur. Eg the original traumatic event could be getting teased on your first day at school. This could mean that when you approach a new group of people you still carry with you the emotions from that first day at school. This could be incapacitating to the extent that it affects your ability to digest your food, to be happy, have energy, or any other physiological process.

NET uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to find hidden emotional contributions to ill health. The original event is established and cleared by briefly imagining the early event and the associated emotion while touching the appropriate acupressure points and taking a few deep breaths. The imagined situation floats off, often leaving a sense of peace.

It is safe, efficient and simple. It is so simple that it makes it hard for many people to believe that it could actually work but we have many patients who can testify to its effectiveness.

Emotions are powerful, and it is often hard to achieve the health we seek if there is an emotional sabotage present. NET is a technique for removing emotional sabotages. It was developed by chiropractors as a follow on from testing muscles as indicators of physiological processes. It is taught in Australia and USA to people who have a 5 year degree or the equivalent thereof by the chiropractors who developed it.

Tessa has completed 4 courses in Australia and 1 in USA. A personal note.....

In the process of learning NET you practice it on each other. I consider myself, and everybody I come in contact with, fortunate that I have had such a lot of NET experience. I am happier and stronger because of it. I am able to take pleasure in looking after my aging mother without being so easily distressed by her. I feel much more mature than I did a few years ago and seem to have made disproportionately more progress in my maturation process during the time that I have been doing NET.

I know some people might find it hard to believe that people can judge their own lives in this way, and that my opinion is too subjective to be taken notice of by a "scientifically" – minded person. For those of you who can accept "anecdotal evidence" as being valid, I offer my testimony. I use NET frequently in the early stages of moving people towards health because I think our treatments can work better if the emotions are on our side. For more information go to