Nutritional and Enviromental medicine

This is about finding out what is missing from your body and supplying it in a way that is most natural and most readily accepted by your body into its working systems.

We also look for toxic substances which your body has been unable to eliminate. We remove them by a process of detoxification.

There are biochemical pathways (chemical reactions) in your body which convert your food to energy and are the means by which you are able to enjoy your life. These pathways may be functioning poorly for various reasons. The raw ingredients for a biochemical reaction, or the enzymes which drive the biochemical reaction, may be in short supply.

Enzymes are proteins, which are made in the cells of your body under instruction from your genes. Their manufacture is dependent on adequate nutrition. Their ability to carry out their work is also dependent on adequate nutrition because they require cofactors (particular vitamins or minerals). They also depend on the correct level of acidity and this is influenced by your digestion and your organs of elimination which determine your level of toxic wastes.

If your genes instruct your body to make only a small amount of a certain enzyme, then the chemical reaction driven by that enzyme will proceed more slowly. If you are short on amino acids to manufacture the enzyme, there will also be less of that enzyme around. If the cofactors that support that enzyme are deficient, or the acidity is wrong, the reaction will be restricted.

Every thousandth of a second in every one of your 70-100 trillion cells there are about 500 chemical reactions proceeding. There are about 14,000 enzymes driving the chemical reactions.

Enzymes can also be directly interfered with by toxins.

Your genetic vulnerability is what you are born with and it is influenced by what happens to you. Because our genes make us vulnerable in different ways, nutrient deficiencies or toxic interferences affect us differently.

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine is not so much about your diagnosis as about what are the environmental influences that have brought about your diagnosis.

We perform various tests to gain information about your individual condition.